Artist Statement

My heart has been an artist for as long as I can remember. I have been drawn to a variety of artistic media over the years…ceramics, printmaking, pastels and painting with acrylics and oils. Since the late 1990's I have embraced my deepest passion – painting abstractly.

For me abstract painting is both a calling and a craving. It is the constant exploration and expansion of possibilities.

I approach my paintings by creating spontaneous layers, richly textured. I have an innate relationship to color. My strokes, both by hand and brush, are primarily directed by the colors I choose. These colors create random forms.

I tend to paint quickly, returning again and again to my canvas to reflect on how the relationships between the color, form, line and texture will guide my next steps. The resulting canvas is colorful, vibrant and complex.

As I mature in my creative process I am better able to discern what a painting needs. One small mark may be all that is required to complete a painting. The wonder is in discovering that.

In this painting journey I do my best to stay curious. It is the place from which the extraordinary is born.