Artist Statement

For many years I have painted colorfully complex, abstract paintings. I knew I wanted to move in a new direction. I had a sense of what I wanted. I didn’t know how to get there or what it would look like. I realized that what I wanted to do was “to unravel complexities and speak in a softer voice.”

When I started to explore a new technique my current style began to emerge. My first substantive paintings were not planned. It felt like they burst forth without any conscious effort. I began to see how to simplify the line, color, shape and texture of my designs.

As I continued to delve into this approach I was thrilled and a little awestruck to discover that I could create unanticipated subtle patterns and shapes which, when overlapping, produce a delicate transparency. Often colors appear faintly, through a solid colored background, hinting at the complexity beneath the surface.

These understated paintings are deeply satisfying. For me their open spaces radiate a quiet strength.